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The rules below are based around fish safety and lake security; they must be adhered to.

No access to the fishery before 12 Midday on the first day of your booking. The draw for swims will commence at 1pm French time.

Departing anglers must leave the property by 10am on their last morning.

For exclusive bookings, a maximum of 8 anglers are permitted.

Maximum of 3 rods is permitted - 4 rods may be allowed at the bailiff’s discretion.

All anglers must bivvy up by their rods.

A minimum of 15lb line or braid must be used.

Only fresh boilies are allowed to be used with the exception of hook baits; no plastic baits are allowed.  No particles, only pellet supplied by Island Lake France is permitted.

Only MCF dumper clip eject systems are to be used; no fixed leads.

600mm-900mm of tubing on your main line is to be used to protect the flanks of the fish.

Only large orange H Block markers are to be used; no markers to be left out in the lake.

Anglers are not permitted to pull for a break, they must contact the on-site bailiff to resolve the issue.

To ensure fish safety, all fish over 55lb must be reported to the bailiff, day or night or any fish that you feel you need assistance with, regardless of size, please contact the bailiff before weighing to assist.

All baits are to be reeled in when temporarily leaving the swim or lake; no rods are to be left unattended at any time.

The sacking of fish is not permitted.  All fish are to be retained in recovery slings and returned after the 10 minute recovery time.

Anglers are only permitted to use the unhooking mats, recovery slings and landing nets supplied by Island Lake France Ltd.

Anglers must bring appropriate weighing scales – many fish are over 60lb, therefore scales must have the capacity to capture correct weights.

Radio controlled boats are permitted, anglers must respect the boundary of their swim and not encroach into other anglers’ swims.

Rowing boats are available to hire.   Buoyancy aid jackets must be worn when using the boats.  The use of boats is entirely at your own risk.  No responsibility is accepted by the management for any accidents or injuries that might occur. Anglers are not permitted to bring their own rowing boats.  Any damage to rollocks, oars, outboard motor, battery or boats due to neglect or misuse will need to be paid for.

Anglers must have a carp care kit to treat hook and body wounds if required.

All anglers/guests must be 18 years or over.

Non-fishing guests are not permitted, unless agreed with the management beforehand.

The abuse of alcohol or use of drugs is forbidden; you must remain sober at all times.

All swims to be kept clean of rubbish including cigarette butts; please use the bins provided.

Anglers must show the maximum respect to other anglers by being polite and courteous at all times.

The removal or introduction of fish strictly prohibited.

The use of electric heaters, fires or fans of any kind are not permitted.

Extension leads are not permitted without permission from the bailiff

Island Lake France Ltd provides fridges and freezers for angler’s use.  Please use these respectfully and ensure they are clean when leaving.

No dogs (unless previously agreed)

Open fires are not permitted.  Only barbecues provided can be used.

Strictly no swimming under any circumstances.

The use of drones is not permitted, the use of guns is prohibited.

All gates must remain closed and properly locked at all times, please contact the bailiff for access to and from the lake.

Please challenge any persons that you suspect should not be on site.

Avoid giving any information about the fishery and its stock, etc. to people that should not be on the property.  Inform the management immediately if you discover anyone that should not be on site.

Management reserve the right to post photographs of anglers with fish caught onto the Island Lake France website, Instagram and Facebook page.

Anyone who attends with inadequate fishing tackle will not be permitted to fish.

Anyone who does not comply with the rules and is asked to leave the fishery will not be entitled to a refund.


The management reserves the right to amend these rules or add new rules at any time.

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