August 2019

3rd -10th August 2019

Peg 6. Paul Abbott 44lb common PB, 30lb common and 36lb mirror.

Peg 7. Elvin Balaam 23lb mirror, 20lb mirror, 31lb mirror, 42lb mirror, 37lb common and 35lb common

Peg 11. Nick Crane 32lb common, 25lb mirror, 20lb mirror,43lb mirror and 39lb mirror
Peg 12. Cliff Crane 42lb common, 58lb mirror,41lb mirror, 40lb mirror, 29lb mirror, 26lb mirror, 51lb mirror and 36lb mirror
Peg 13. Steve Day 45lb mirror

Peg 13. Tony Miles 42lb mirror

10th - 17th August 2019

Peg 1. Paul Howard 43lb mirror PB & 76lb common PB.

Peg 5. Dean Carr 49lb mirror , 38lb mirror & 42lb mirror

Peg 6. Adam Ashfield 31lb mirror, 44lb common, 44.8lb mirror, 63lb mirror PB, 26lb common, 44lb mirror & 36lb mirror.

Peg 7. Inger Ingersvensson 40lb mirror.

Peg 8. Kristian Ingersvensson 45.8lb mirror & 39lb mirror.

Peg 12. Steve Bailey 38lb mirror, 38lb mirror, 33.5lb common, 45lb common, 38lb common 56lb mirror & 28lb mirror ×2.

Peg 13. Graham Cripps 45lb mirror, 39lb common & 38lb mirror

17th - 24th August 2019

Peg 1. Paul Mcdonald 36lb common, 42lb common & 42lb mirror
Peg 4. Mark Chatters 37lb common, 41lb mirror & 61lb mirror PB
Peg 6. Daniel Skinner 35lb mirror, 42lb mirror & 45lb mirror
Peg 7. Mark Downham 49lb mirror & 20lb mirror
Peg 10. Drew Fowler 39lb mirror & 45lb mirror
Peg 12. Rob Kerby 40lb common, 45lb mirror, 46lb mirror & 51lb mirror PB
Peg 13. Gary Bradshaw 32lb common 40lb common, 21lb common, 30lb common, 36lb mirror & 24lb common

24th - 31st August 2019

Peg 1. Paul Towsey 56lb mirror. 
Peg 12. 42lb common, 48lb mirror, 53lb common, 21lb common, 26lb mirror, 63lb mirror.

September 2019

31st August - 7th September 2019

Peg 1. Jayson Readman 42lb mirror moved to peg 8 51lb mirror

Peg 2. Tom Laughton 24lb common and a 34lb common

Peg 5. Alex Mackay Senior 32lb common ,46lb mirror ,39lb mirror ,46lb mirror and a 51lb mirror

Peg 6. Alex Mackay 33lb common, 44lb mirror, 44lb mirror, 22lb common and a new PB 48lb mirror

Peg 11. Steve Woodly 37lb mirror

Peg 12. Dane Elliott 42lb mirror, 52lb mirror, 43lb mirror, 44lb common, 66lb mirror, 55lb mirror, 27lb common, 40lb mirror, 44lb mirror, 50lb common, 40lb mirror, 16lb mirror and a 56lb mirror

Peg 13. Ian Vass Peg 42lb mirror

7th - 14th September 2019

Peg 7. Ben Robinson 43lb Mirror

Peg 8. Dave Head 42lb Mirror

Peg 8. Ashley Blackford 57lb Mirror PB

Peg 12. Doug Matthews 31lb Mirror, 34lb Mirror, 41lb Mirror, 44lb Mirror, 42lb Mirror, 39lb Mirror, 56lb Mirror, 39lb Mirror, 39lb Mirror, 41lb Common, 32lb Mirror, 35lb Common and a 42lb Common
Peg 13. Terry Day 40lb Mirror, 52lb Common PB

14th  - 21st September 2019

Peg 1. Steve Bailey 52lb Common PB and 53lb Mirror PB

Peg 4. Simon Degard 42lb Mirror

Peg 8. Graham Stubbs 49lb Mirror PB and 41lb Mirror

Peg 10, Paul Harland 40lb Mirror and 41lb Mirror

Peg 12. Alex Slater 39lb Common and 32lb Common

21st - 28th September 2019

Peg 1. Ashley Mount 58lb Mirror, 46lb Mirror, 26lb Common, 28lb Common, 33lb Common
Peg 4.  Rurpert Cutting 37lb Common, 61lb Mirror, 38lb Mirror ,44lb Mirror
Peg 6.  Derrick Woodruff 46lb Mirror
Peg 10. Steve Lee 43lb Common, 25lb Common, 41lb Common
Peg 12.  Luke Taylor 47lb Mirror, 42lb Common, 37lb Mirror, 57lb Mirror, 42lb Mirror, 34lb Mirror
Peg 13. Mark Taylor 32lb Common

28th September - 5th October 2019

Peg 1. Rich Turner 43lb Mirror, 40lb Common
Peg 3. Steve Gaunt 43lb  Mirror, 29lb Common, 39lb Mirror
Peg 5. Derrick Saddler 62lb Mirror
Peg 7. Paul Eaton 51lb Mirror, 22lb Common, 42lb Mirror, 30lb Common, 35lb Mirror, 65lb Mirror
Peg 10. Bryan Burgh 35lb Mirror
Peg 12. Mark Cresswell 37lb Common
Peg 13. Andy Bladon 44lb Mirror

October 2019

5th - 12th October 2019

Peg 1. Ron Wood 44lb Mirror
Peg 5. Matt Johnson 38lb Mirror, 27lb Common, 56lb Mirror, 22lb Mirror
Peg 7. Tony Lewis 45lb Mirror, 29lb Mirror, 33lb Common, 43lb Mirror
Peg 10. Tim Brown 40lb Common
Peg 12. Keith Wainwright 40lb Common, 57lb Common, 29lb Mirror, 17lb Mirror
Peg 13. Vic Cainelli 41lb Mirror, 45lb Common

12th - 19th October 2019

Peg 1. Phil Garrison 43lb Mirror
Peg 4. Gary Hatch 37lb Common
Peg 6. Luke Smith 53lb Mirror
Peg 7. Terry Hatch 49lb Mirror, 42lb Common and 70lb Mirror
Peg 12. Peter Lane 35lb Mirror and 47lb Common
Peg 13, 34lb Common and 45lb Common

19th - 26th October 2019

Peg 1. Mark Anslow 43lb Mirror, 41lb Common
Peg 7. David Killick 57lb Mirror, 49lb Mirror, 44lb Mirror
Peg 12. Michael Gibson 38lb Common, 33lb Common, 24lb Mirror, 42lb Common, 49lb Mirror, 42lb Mirror, 64lb Mirror, 45lb Mirror, 38lb Common, 35lb Common, 43lb Common, 44lb Mirror, 41lb Common, 22lb Common and a another 64lb Mirror
Peg 13. Mitchell Jordan 41lb Mirror and a 52lb Mirror

26th October - 2nd November 2019

Peg 1. Gary Snapper 46lb Mirror
Peg 3. Ricky Ward 45lb Mirror
Peg 7. Martin Colwell 48lb Mirror
Peg 12.  Chris Felton 54lb Mirror, 43lb Mirror, 43lb Mirror, 50lb Mirror, 54lb Mirror, 54lb Mirror, 28lb Common, 41lb Common, 41lb Common
Peg 13. Jason Cook 45lb Common, 42lb Common, 44lb Common

November 2019

2nd - 9th November 2019

Peg 5. Rowan Charnick 44lb Common

Peg 12. Leigh Hartley 28lb Common, 33lb Common, 46lb Mirror (PB)

Peg 13. Mick Capp 46lb Mirror

9th - 16th November 2019

Peg 12.  Tony Miles 47lb Mirror, 45lb Mirror , 33lb Common, 59lb Common and 17lb Mirror
Peg 13.  Paul Towsey 39lb Mirror and 44lb Mirror

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